Legal regulations on access to the labour and training market

For people from third countries who want to live and work in Germany and do not come from the EU, the legal framework conditions are very different and have become increasingly complex in recent years. The route into the labour market depends on several aspects. Among other things, the residence status, the date of entry and, above all, the country of origin are decisive with regard to the respective opportunities on the labour market. Furthermore, a distinction must be made as to whether the admission is made through an application for protection or through other residence law channels. In the first instance, the country of origin must be taken into account for individuals who do not come to Germany from the EU, as the entry and residence regulations are based on this. An overview of the access to the labour market for EU citizens and citizens from third countries will be presented below and special features regarding safe countries of origin and countries with good prospects of remaining will be discussed.

Labour market access for migrants

Labour market access for people with tolerated status

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