Visa and Entry

Qualified specialists from abroad are subject to different conditions for entry, residence and employment in Germany depending on their country of origin. EU citizens (or nationals of Switzerland and the European Economic Area) can stay in Germany for three months without a visa and have unrestricted access to the labour market or self-employment. Qualified specialists from non-EU countries (so-called third-country nationals), on the other hand, usually have to present a visa or a residence permit in order to enter and work in Germany. They can apply for the visa before entering the country at the German embassy or at a German consulate. After arriving in Germany, they must then submit an application for a residence permit to the Foreigners' Registration Office. 

Certain requirements apply in order to obtain a visa to work. For instance, a signed employment contract must be available. 

Have you already agreed an employment contract with a foreign qualified specialist and would you like to know how you, as an employer, can support the person during their entry and stay in the country? Please contact our regional advisors.

More information on possible residence permits and legal regulations can also be found in the Information library.