Employment and Employment contracts

In Germany you need to have an employment contract to enter into an employment relationship. This contract is concluded between the employee and the employer. Although an employment contract is also valid in oral form, it should be concluded in writing if possible. An employment contract should contain, for instance, its start and duration, the work performance, remuneration and the duties and rights of the contracting parties. Provisions in the employment contract that violate higher-ranking regulations, such as collective agreements or company agreements, are null and void. 

As soon as your employment contract has started, you are obliged to pay social security contributions in Germany. This is required by law and includes health, pension, unemployment, accident and nursing insurance. Your health insurance fund will take care of the registration for social insurance. Insurance contributions are deducted directly from your salary, as is income tax. 

If you need help finding a job or have questions about an employment contract, our regional advisors will be happy to assist you in this.  

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