Creating applications

The plans for a life in Saxony-Anhalt are in place. You may have already discovered the first exciting job openings and are now starting to prepare your application documents. You will undoubtedly want to introduce yourself in a competent and interesting manner to your potential new employer and, in doing so, arouse their interest in you as a person. In summary, you could say that a good application should include your unique selling point and must always be tailored to the job advertised. You may be asking yourself questions such as:  

  • How can I formulate the cover letter?  

  • What information do I include in my CV?   

  • Should my CV include my photo?  

  • How much personal data should the CV include?  

  • Should my application have a cover page?  

  • Or further questions 


Our regional advisors are available to advise you on the entire application process in Saxony-Anhalt in free, individual consultations and support you with any questions you may have on this topic. You will also be prepared for the subsequent job interviews with appropriate tips and tricks, be it for an on-site interview or in a virtual room. During the counselling meetings, career alternatives, further training or funding opportunities for these can be discussed if necessary.