Qualifications and Professional recognition

A professional qualification is always important to ensure you can work successfully in Saxony-Anhalt.  

In many professions, you don't require any recognition to work in Germany. However, for third-country nationals, recognition of the foreign professional qualification or comparability of a higher education degree is necessary for them to obtain a visa. 

Most professions in the fields of health, teaching in state schools, or engineering are regulated professions. Here, recognition of your professional qualification is necessary for you to be permitted to work in these professions in Germany. But it is also important in craft occupations for the comparability of the existing qualification with a German occupational profile to be established and further training may possibly be required. 

Talk to our regional advisors to find out whether recognition is necessary for you and how to apply for it. 

Further information on the recognition procedure and the respective legal basis can be found in our Information library.