Prospects after completing your degree

Even during your studies, it makes sense to think about your career prospects. The options for this are manifold. Begin your career? Continue your studies? Pursue a doctorate? But where do you establish the right contacts? You can obtain advice and support from our regional advisors

In addition, the Career Services of the universities and colleges are contact points for students and prospective graduates in Saxony-Anhalt on the subject of career entry and careers. You can find out more in the respective Career Services: 

Creative industries and future technology, innovative business ideas and sustainable management - the companies in Saxony-Anhalt are working with their fingers on the pulse of the age. University graduates have a wide range of interesting opportunities to launch their careers.  

On the platform there is a test you can use to find out which company might suit you. 

Saxony-Anhalt is also an attractive location for start-ups and young entrepreneurs. 

With a total of five regional advice centres, the state initiative Fachkraft im Fokus is the first point of contact for the securing of skilled labour in Saxony-Anhalt. We advise companies, qualified specialists and new immigrants and, together with our network partners, provide a comprehensive advisory service. We help by bringing qualified specialists and companies together. 

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