Overcoming language barriers

Counselling that takes the experiences of migrants into account means showing immigrants action-oriented ways of entering the labour market in Saxony-Anhalt. Volunteers who advise immigrants on the process of integration within the employment market need appropriate counselling skills that take account of the experiences of migrants.  

The dismantling of language barriers constitutes one of the cornerstones here. In particular, the use of plain language enables you to break down barriers in communication and to address needs in a language-sensitive way in counselling. The Plain Language Network  provides extensive information to help you use it. In addition to background information on plain language, the rules, and the offer of checking texts, you can also find various publications in plain language here. 

Language mediators can help people with very different language skills to communicate with each other. In the “SiSA – Language Mediation in Saxony-Anhalt” of the Landesnetzwerk Migrantenorganisationen Sachsen-Anhalt (LAMSA), volunteer language mediators are available to support migrants with counselling interviews or official appointments, for example.   

In our Information library we offer more in-depth information on strategies for language-sensitive counselling and other interesting topics.