Migration-sensitive counselling

Counsellors are the central contact persons for immigrants who want to find a training place or a job in Saxony-Anhalt. They know the requirements and the competent bodies who, for instance, are responsible for the recognition of vocational qualifications.

Just as important as the counsellor's expertise is sensitive interaction with the clients. They have often already experienced discrimination because of their origins, religion or gender. Treating them with appreciation and recognition and recognising diversity as an added value for the labour market are important prerequisites for a conversation or support.

Both full-time employees, for example in municipal administrations and other institutions, and volunteers who advise immigrants in the process of labour market integration, require appropriate migration-sensitive counselling skills. This means that they must be able to recognise the specific challenges that arise due to the individual migration history of those seeking advice. Counselling that takes the experiences of migrants into account means showing immigrants action-oriented ways of entering the labour market in Saxony-Anhalt.

Below we offer you information on the following topics:

Fundamentals of counselling

Discrimination-sensitive design of the counselling

Discovery of strengths and areas of potential

Self-reflection of the counsellors

Further information for counsellors