Seminar on self-care & mental hygiene

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Counselling in potentially stressful contexts: "Self-care and mental hygiene for full-time and voluntary migration workers"

This seminar is aimed specifically at full-time and voluntary workers in Saxony-Anhalt who are involved in migration work. Counselling and support work in this area involves many challenges – be it the constant confrontation with clients' stirring stories or the personal involvement in difficult fates.

For this reason, the WelcomeCenter Saxony-Anhalt is offering an online seminar on this topic on Monday, 11 March 2024 from 13:00 to 16:30. The seminar will be held in digital format via WebEx.

The content of the seminar includes dealing with one's own stress, which can range from difficulties with personal boundaries to secondary trauma. Especially in the counselling context, where empathy and sensitivity are of great importance, we place particular emphasis on taking care of the counsellor's own mental health. The agenda of the seminar includes self-care topics that are geared towards the field of migration work, among others. In addition to a general introduction to the topic, the focus will be on raising awareness of stress risks, reflecting on one's own attitudes and behaviour as well as concrete strategies for recognising stressful situations at an early stage.

The focus is on resource-promoting measures and methods of mental hygiene, self-care and mindfulness. You will have the opportunity to try out these measures directly during the seminar and then integrate them into your everyday working life.

The seminar will be interactive, you are welcome to bring personal case studies with you, exchange and discussions are expressly encouraged. We look forward to your active participation and to exploring ways of strengthening mental well-being together. The event has a limited number of participants.

Participation in the seminar is free of charge. The registration deadline was 29 February 2024.