Retrospect: Online seminar "Self-care and mental hygiene"

ein niedergeschlagene und eine ihr zugewandte Frau

Pixabay © Serena Wong

On 11 March 2024, the WelcomeCenter Saxony-Anhalt focused on mental health. In the online seminar "Self-care and mental hygiene for full-time and voluntary migration workers", counsellors came together digitally under the guidance of psychologist Anja Weise from Magdeburg. They discussed issues such as "empathy burnout" and the associated symptoms, as well as ways to recognise overload at an early stage and take care of oneself in the spirit of mindfulness. Specific questions were discussed in small groups in a protected space and experiences were shared.

This seminar was aimed specifically at full-time and voluntary workers in Saxony-Anhalt who are involved in migration work. Counselling and support work in this area involves many challenges – be it the constant confrontation with clients' stirring stories or the personal involvement in difficult fates.

If you are interested in similar events or would like to find out about other support programmes for regionally active people, please contact us. You can also find tips for dealing with challenging counselling situations in our Information library.