Cultural life and Associations

Cultural life in Saxony-Anhalt is as diverse as the people who live here. The majority of multicultural centres, associations and communities are located in the main centres, Magdeburg and Halle. In addition, however, involvement in local history, sports and cultural associations is also possible in many municipalities and individual communities.  

Knowledge about the diverse culture of people who live together here forms part of the compulsory teaching and learning programmes in schools and other educational institutions. Political educational programmes are also available to anyone  interested.   

The highlights are annual events within the framework of the Intercultural Weeks and the Europe Weeks. At these special events, you can get information, join in, have conversations and experience culinary and musical diversity.  

We present some of the offers to you. Please get in touch with the contact person directly. You can also get information from our regional advisors, who are happy to get in touch with you.  

Cultural education in schools Information from the state of Saxony-Anhalt on cultural education can be found on the State Portal.  

Europe and International Affairs: News about the Europe Weeks 2023 will be published here

Jewish Life in Saxony-Anhalt: The State Association of Jewish Communities in Saxony-Anhalt provides a Jewish calendar in PDF format. 

Intercultural Weeks in Saxony-Anhalt: The Intercultural Week 2023 will take place from  24 September until 1 October (the exact period may vary slightly depending on the municipality). The programme is constantly filling up and can be found here.

Associations and events at the Foreign Society of Saxony-Anhalt can be viewed here.