Regional WelcomeCenters

In various regions, structures are currently being set up to make the decision to move easier, for those interested, or to provide concrete information and points of contact who are available for all issues related to a move to Germany. The goal is to support people who are interested in moving here, and also to give them a warm welcome by offering suitable opportunities. 

We present some regional offers: 

Mansfeld-Südharz rural district

The region presents itself and its offers via a virtual WelcomeCenter. Here you can obtain information about cultural activities, contact persons in the fields of administration, jobs and childcare. 

Stendal rural district

The Stendal rural district offers a Platform for people migrating to the area, people returning to the area and people who have stayed here with relevant information about the topics of work and living here. 

State capital of Magdeburg

The Welcome Portal of the state capital informs you about arriving and living in Magdeburg. In addition, the state capital Magdeburg is currently preparing a WelcomeCenter (International House) for all people moving to the area. The goal is to bundle information and official channels and, thus, make your arrival easier. 

Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg

The University is expanding and bundling its existing support and service offers for students from abroad and visiting academics until 2024. All offers are to be concentrated in one house. 

City Halle

Are you new to Halle and want to make the city your permanent home? Here you will find all the information and important contact points.


For more information on welcome opportunities in the regions, please contact the regional WelcomeCenter advisors.