Meeting points for families / communities

In order to have a good start in Saxony-Anhalt and feel at home, it is important to find out about meeting places for families, where people can establish relationships, exchange information, and make plans to attend events or go on excursions together. In addition, it is important to know a one-stop shop that provides important information on various family-related topics, e.g. signposts to administrative structures or government services or even cultural events. We have put together some information (without any claim to completeness):


Family Information Office in the state capital of Magdeburg: With the family information office, the state capital is sending out a clear signal of its family-friendly approach. Interested parties receive a variety of attractive offers and services as required. 

Sabine's Family Café Magdeburg,

Regular meetings are held here for parents to exchange ideas, services such as babysitting are offered, and parents and children can be creative or learn English in a wide variety of courses. 

oneworld house, The einewelt haus Magdeburg is a place for intercultural encounters, work and networking and offers activities for the whole family. Many associations, including various foreign communities, are organised here. 

Ottokar, Magdeburg's family magazine offers information about popular meeting places, events and leisure activities. 



LEO Family: Family portal with information on leisure activities, contact points for information on authorities and networks 


IRIS-Familienzentrum: Counselling centre for families and pregnant women, family education and meeting centre with integrative offers, children's shop Momo e. V.

Familienkompetenzzentrum Franckesche Stiftungen: Family floor in the House of Generations, room for counselling, meeting and care, focus on family sponsorships, language and learning support, as well as health promotion 


If you have any questions, please contact our regional WelcomeCentre advisors. Please inform us if you know of any other offers for families and communities that are not yet listed here.