Examples of good counselling practice

A woman and a male doctor smile into the camera
With the support of the Saxony-Anhalt WelcomeCentre of the state initiative Fachkraft im Fokus, a residence permit was secured for an assistant doctor from Jordan.
Maira Montalvo Rojas, a marketing expert from Ecuador, finds the perfect job in Magdeburg with the support of the WelcomeCenter Saxony-Anhalt.
From Morocco to Saxony-Anhalt: Hamid's successful start to training with the support of the state initiative Fachkraft im Fokus
Aybaniz Garadzhaeva

Ukrainian social education worker finds a new home for her family in Saxony-Anhalt
procon GmbH - Herr Rafayevych

Chance of permanent employment for a Ukrainian qualified specialist despite the language barriers
Rettungstechnik Doll GmbH

Family-friendly corporate culture pays off
Jelena Medjo

All the areas of conflict have been resolved - now there is room for happiness on a private and professional level.
ARAL-Autohof in Magdeburg-Rothensee - Herr Karimi

The right offer and the willingness to use it.
Creative prescriptions to reduce the shortage of doctors

Eight foreign doctors want to find their home in Saxony-Anhalt
Christoph Bär

Born in Bangladesh and adopted by Germans as a baby, the now-resident of Saxony-Anhalt intially took the plunge of moving to Bavaria.
Irfan Mahmood

The German language opens the door to the employment market for me
Ein Mann sitzt an einem Büroarbeitsplatz und zeigt den Daumen nach oben.
José Contreras-Quintero

I will have made it by my birthday.
Eine Person schweißt in voller Sicherheitsausrüstung.
Hussein Almohammad

Two Syrians weld their own good fortune
Zwei Männer arbeiten hinter einem Tresen und bereiten Getränke zu.
Baseel Kamol

"Grüß dich" [engl. "Greetings"] - A young Syrian man - not only athletically fit in the gym, but also mentally in German
Eine Frau sitzt an einem Schreibtisch. Sie hat Unterlagen vor sich und einen Stift in der Hand.
Mysoun Alyakoub
Rückenansicht von einer Frau, die die Straße langläuft.
Frau Ibrahim

A young Iraqi woman with a gift for languages did not give up and even diligently learned the German names of all the animals for the children in her care.
Anreihung von drei verschiedenen Schuhpaaren. Ein paar ist von einem Kind.
The Edner family

Quicker than planned
Mann steht vor einem Whiteboard mit Text
Anas Darraj

Working together to achieve success
Zwei Männer sitzen sich an einem Tisch gegenüber.
Azad Karjoul

The door stays open