kids & familiy

Families are the key part for our state's future. Saxony-Anhalt is a place worth living here. Child-friendly with legal claim for daily care for every child, good schools, financial support and many possibilities of recreation and entertainment for the whole family. Saxony-Anhalt gives you and your family the possibility to create and design your own future and the future of our state. Be a part of it!

We give you some examples and tipps for you and your family.


Die ländlichen Regionen Sachsen-Anhalts sind seit Jahren vom Demografischen Wandel betroffen, insbesondere die Abwanderung junger Menschen vor einigen...

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Saxony-Anhalt offers child care on a daily bases spread over the entire state with a daycare facility in most cities. Here you find basic informations about daycare in Saxony-Anhalt and possibilities to register for a daycare place for your child.

school and education


If you need informations about the school system in Germany, privat and public, you can find it here.

Voluntary work and services

Voluntary work and services is a great way to help people and be a part of a caring society. One-third of the people in Saxony-Anhalt are members of clubs and communities, which makes the country leading in national rankings. Your children and you can be become part of a club near you and become part of your local community. Here we give you some basic informations.

Family pass

In most regions local communities for families were founded and established, which provide advice and support families. Also you can apply for the family pass, which gives you benefits on different family activities.